It’s Never Too Early For a Yarn

Time waits for no one. That is an observation that has become clearer as I become older.

The key to effective decision-making is to do it in an organised manner, allowing an appropriate timeframe to implement plans. This brings me to my belief that it is never too early to give thought to where you may want to be in a few years’ time and to give thought as to how to get there.

Suppose you are considering expanding or scaling down your farming operation, or perhaps moving to or from a lifestyle property. In that case, it is prudent to keep track of the market, and to educate yourself how to be an effective participant.

A whole range of considerations may come into play. Things to get right include the market, family, succession planning, seasonal opportunity and sheer logistics of packing up from one spot and re-establishing at a new location.

Whether you are contemplating making the move in two months or in two years, now is the time to start thinking strategically.

Even if your planned move seems a long way away, I welcome your call to discuss how we can help you achieve the next steps.

It’s never too early for a yarn.

Graham MacDougall may be contacted on 0412 220 302.

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