When It Rains, It Will Pour

It’s been four months since my last newsletter / blog to you. In April I spoke of the dry season (drought) being “the best of times, the worst of times”.

Well, I have probably tested the friendship a bit with that analogy as the drought continues everywhere except in some areas along the coast. Despite welcome falls of up to 40 and 50mm in the New England region recently, we might yet be a long way away from the end of it all. Then again we may not.

When It Rains, It Will Pour – July 2010

Understandably, the listing of rural properties for sale has slowed markedly this winter; chiefly I suspect because farmers and graziers have prioritised the implementation of drought management strategies looking after both stock and pastures. That said, buyer demand has not lightened up.

I am old enough to have seen a few droughts in and out. I was even born during one of the worst in the mid ‘60s. They have always happened and always will. And often a drought ends in a deluge or flood, which of course brings its own management and market challenges.

With demand for rural property already buoyant, a break in the drought will also bring a great opportunity for both sellers and buyers to take prompt action. This is especially the case if the season comes good in our region before others.

So, while risking sounding like a broken record, if you are considering the sale of your property or indeed consolidating your holdings, now is the time to start preparing and implementing an action plan.

If you would like to discuss either purchasing property or the preparation for market of your rural property, I welcome your call. It will pay to be prepared.

Oh, and if this whole drought thing is really getting you down, please don’t ever be afraid to talk about it with a professional.

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Graham MacDougall has a lifetime association with rural property. In addition to over 30 years in the cattle industry, for the past 13 years he has been specialising in the marketing of commercial agriculture and rural lifestyle properties in northern New South Wales.

With global exposure and real local knowledge, we are the logical agency of choice for Northern New South Wales.

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