The Market & My Moto Guzzi

It’s All Relative

Is it the right time to sell?

We all know here in New England we have four definite seasons. After a long cool, wet summer and autumn, winter has certainly arrived. Winter started with winds and single-digit maxima that pushed away the last leaves from the deciduous trees, but pastures and soils remain saturated throughout the district. Recent frosts are now taking the green away.

So, is it too cold and miserable to sell in winter?

Perhaps, if that is your only criteria.

Despite recent media hype about a slowing of the market, currently there is a lower supply of property, residential and rural, in our district. Listings for residential property in Armidale dropped by about 50% within a space of a month recently. Rural properties may be similar.

Demand has also eased, but not to the same extent. Therefore, a relative shortage of supply compared to demand still exists. This translates to prices remaining firm.

The author and his trusty steed

The author and his trusty steed

I liken the current market mood to when I took my trusty Moto Guzzi motorcycle for a run many years ago. Cruising at 80 km/h I decide to find her upper end. Away I went, exceeding any speed I’d done before. I’m not going to disclose what I got her to for fear of my wife reading this, but when I slowed to 100 it felt like I had stopped still, even though I was still 20 k’s above the previous high. And so, it is with the real estate market; even though it has slowed it is still moving along higher than it was not so long ago.

So, despite the doom in the media and the gloom of winter, if you are thinking of selling, now is as good a time as ever. If you are still a little biased against winter, consider making good use of this time and get things organised for a spring campaign. Indicators are pointing to another decent season.

Making sure the front gate swings, fences strained, and access tracks cleared may sound trivial, but they go a long way to present your property in its best light.

Whichever way you are thinking, call me to discuss marketing options and preparation. There is a lot to consider and now is the time to do so. While everyone else is hibernating.

Oh, and be assured I don’t feel the need to take my bike above the legal limit anymore.

Best regards,

Graham MacDougall
0412 220 302

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