Don’t Ruin Christmas – Prepare Now for 2023

Don’t ruin Christmas

As we approach the festive season, people are preparing to reunite with family and friends. There’ll be lots of good times; the occasional testy time too, no doubt. Reflection upon the extraordinary season we’ve had and curiosity, if not apprehension, of what lies in wait in the year ahead. And it will roll on through to the best part of January, don’t worry.

My thoughts are, to stick with the positive stuff during this period. Reflect, give thanks to and honour a greater being if that’s your thing, and enjoy one another’s company. Avoid initiating discussions of family succession and the like. Get that stuff clear before the event, so it is not hanging over the Christmas turkey like a dark unspeakably angry storm cloud ready to burst and ruin everything. Alternatively, leave it until well afterwards.

With Christmas coming up quickly, and the prospect of wanting to spend holidays either relaxing with decisions in mind or mulling over alternative scenarios, it’s a good idea to be prepared and informed.

If you are thinking of either contracting or expanding operations, now is the time to at least start on the journey to get things clear; not just as Christmas dinner is being served. That way you’ll be better able to capitalise on whatever opportunities 2023 throws your way.

To discuss the market, and the tricks of the trade of buying and selling rural property, please don’t hesitate to call me. I am always happy to help bounce ideas around with the goal of helping you prepare for the next stage of your rural property journey.

Best regards,

Graham MacDougall
MacDougall Rural Property
02 6772 4200


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