Don’t Kid Yourself

Don't Kid Yourself

It’s More Than Just Selling Houses

Recently I attended a conference that had the expressed intent of helping real estate agents develop and maintain a healthy “work / life balance”. There were some very useful case studies and words of wisdom well presented. Things which I’m sure are applicable to people of all different walks of life.

A central theme of the conference was about keeping things in perspective. This is in the context of looking after oneself, not taking oneself too seriously and avoiding burnout.  With this in mind, one speaker quoted one of Australia’s most successful agents as saying, “don’t kid yourself, you’re only selling houses”.

As I listened to these words of wisdom, I wondered whether I was the only one in the room who took exception to that statement. You see, while I agree that we should all keep our feet on the ground and be modest enough to recognise that not all of us are brain surgeons, soldiers on the front line or other worthy professionals, as a rural property agent I take what I do very seriously.

I don’t for a moment think that all I do is “sell houses”. As a rural property agent I am absolutely aware that I am charged to handle what can often be an extremely traumatic event for rural families. Regardless of the reasons behind the sale, be it scaling down due to hard times, expansion due to good times, or simply rearranging family or company structures. Emotions often run high as there is more often than not a very raw bond between those on the land and the land itself. You’re not just selling your house; it’s your home, your culture, your dreams, your achievements and failures. And I for one respect that.

Think carefully before choosing an agent who doesn’t recognise this; who is simply there to sell your house.

Whilst keeping things in perspective as suggested, I believe effective rural agents recognise there is more to being on the land than just having a house in the country. An agent who is in tune with you and with the land is more likely to achieve a connection with prospective buyers and achieve a satisfactory result for all.

I’m not kidding you.

Graham MacDougall
MacDougall Rural Property
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Graham MacDougall has a lifetime association with rural property. In addition to over 30 years in the cattle industry, for the past 12 years he has been specialising in the marketing of commercial agriculture and rural lifestyle properties in northern New South Wales.

With global exposure and real local knowledge, we are the logical agency of choice for Northern New South Wales.

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