A Strategic Opportunity

When I started my career as a rural property agent back in 2005, I was amazed at the number of “once in a lifetime, rare opportunities to secure a powerhouse calf factory in a tightly held blue ribbon dress circle” properties on the market. There were so many, none stood apart from the others. I swore then and there to never use those descriptors in the promotion of property, even if the description happened to be true.

So, what makes a rural property stand out in the summer of 2021-22?

Right now, the most unique thing about a property may be that it is on the market.

Let’s flip the “rare opportunity to buy” cliché on its head. Right now, the rare opportunity lies with the seller. There is indeed a strategic opportunity to offer your property to an uncrowded market that seems to have more buyers than sellers.

We’re having a great season, the outlook for our commodities is positive and there is greater demand for rural property than there is supply, both lifestyle and commercial operations. This comes on top of a general rise in property values across the board and sustained interest in regional living triggered by the pandemic.

To build on this, an additional way to stand out is to have promotional material that focuses on the story of the property. I agree with our in-house marketing expert, Ben Abbott, when he says that every property, regardless of whether it is a large cattle operation or a smaller lifestyle block, has a story and it is our job to find and skilfully present that story so that it engages the audience (buyers) and keeps their attention.

If you’re considering selling your rural property, consider the dual strategies of doing so in a market where there is low supply, and of going the extra mile when telling the story.

As it happens, right now presents as a “rare opportunity” for sellers.

To discuss how MacDougall Rural Property can help you buy or sell rural property in New England and beyond, please give me a call. It would be a privilege to give you a hand in achieving your goals.

Best regards,

Graham MacDougall

PS examples of Ben’s work can be seen on our SOLD page, and on our YouTube Channel.

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